Welcome Back! With Love from Aunt Louise and Uncle Bob

Aunt Louise:  Hello there!  We hope you’ve had a great summer!


Uncle Bob:  The yellow school busses are stopping for the kids in our neighborhood, so we figured it was about time for our International Student friends to get back, even though it’s still so hot, it just doesn’t seem right to be getting back to school!


Aunt Louise:  That’s right, Bob!  When we were going to school, or were young parents getting our daughter to school, the school year started in September, when the weather was a little cooler.  But as our grandchildren became students, school seemed to start earlier each year.


Uncle Bob:  It’s no wonder the stores start selling school supplies right after the July 4th Parades!  We hope you got to see a parade with a marching band.  That’s a lot of fun!


Aunt Louise:  We hope you got to see a baseball game, even though it was probably very hot! These days, Bob and I like to watch our Atlanta Braves baseball on TV.


Uncle Bob:  They say baseball is as American as apple pie, one of my favorite treats.  When I was a boy, we would make 1st, 2nd and 3rd bases out of a piece of cardboard, and sometimes our bat was just a stick.  All the neighborhood boys would be in somebody’s yard playing.


Aunt Louise:  Some of the girls, like my sister Flo, loved to play baseball too.  Seriously, though, we’re glad you’re back.  We know you’re all busy, but be sure to come to the Welcome Reception on Saturday, September 8, 2-4 p.m., at the Georgia Tech Student Services Ballroom.  There will be music, good food and new friends to meet.  You will receive information for the upcoming Braves Game, the Amigo program and Christmas International House.  Please invite new international students to come as well.


Uncle Bob:  Now remember, you can write and ask us anything you want to know about American customs, by writing to Aunt Louise and Uncle Bob at office@amis-inc.org.  Just think of us as your American Aunt and Uncle!  Now Louise, do you think you could bake that apple pie?  It really is my favorite treat!


If you haven’t met Aunt Louise and Uncle Bob, here’s part of their first column from 2017…


Aunt Louise and Uncle Bob


Uncle Bob and Aunt Louise are a traditional southern couple, kind, easy to talk with, not too fancy, but they like to do things “the right way.” Uncle Bob washes the car and tends the garden and his beloved rosebushes.  Aunt Louise keeps a clean house, embroiders and crochets.  Since they’ve retired, they enjoy going out for breakfast—chicken biscuits are a great treat, but it’s hard to bake just two!

So why would you want to know Aunt Louise and Uncle Bob?  Perhaps you have a question about American or Southern culture or etiquette, but don’t know whom to ask.  Aunt Louise and Uncle Bob are ready to help!  Send your questions via email to Aunt Louise and Uncle Bob at office@amis-inc.org.

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