“I arrived safely in Atlanta last night. I really really enjoy the time in Petoskey. Because everyone is so nice and friendly to me, making me feel at home. This will be an unforgetful memory. I guess it’s also a good and lucky beginning of my 2015. The CIH program is so great, it has brought me some unique and awesome experiences. I feel so lucky that I can apply for it and was assigned to Petoskey.” -Jie

“CIH is a life changing experience to me. It is true that I had a lot of fun touring the tourist attractions of Atlanta. But what really touches me is the immersion of American cultures, the wonderful relationships with the host and the everlasting friendship with international friends.” – George (Malaysia)

“I went to a lot of places in Atlanta and met amazing people! I had an absolutely wonderful experiences that I will never forget!” – Sota (Japan)


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